Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  1. Exploring the Dynamics of Latent Variable Models
    Kevin Reuning, Michael R. Kenwick, and Christopher J. Fariss
    Political Analysis (Conditionally Accepted)
  2. Defense Pacts and Deterrence: Caveat Emptor
    Michael R. Kenwick and John A. Vasquez
    The Journal of Politics 79(1):329-334. (2017)
  3. Who’s Careful: Regime Type and Target Selection
    Daehee Bak, Michael R. Kenwick, and Glenn Palmer
    The European Journal of International Relations 22(4): 872-896. (2016)
    [Appendix] [Replication Files]
  4. Crowdsourcing the Measurement of Interstate Conflict
    Vito D’Orazio, Michael R. Kenwick, Matthew Lane, Glenn Palmer, and David Reitter
    PLOS ONE 11(6): e0156527. (2016)
  5. Do Alliances Really Deter?
    Michael R. Kenwick, John A. Vasquez, and Matthew Powers
    The Journal of Politics 77(4): 943-954. (2015)
    [Appendix] [Replication Files]
    – Coverage in The Chicago Policy Review
  6. The MID4 Data Set, 2002-2010: Procedures, Coding Rules, and Description
    Glenn Palmer, Vito D’Orazio, Michael R. Kenwick, and Matthew Lane
    Conflict Management and Peace Science 32(2): 222-242. (2015)
    [Data Webpage]

Editor-Reviewed Publications:

  1. “Trump’s Cabinet and Bringing Civil-Military Relations Back In” 
    Lionel Beehner, Peter White, and Michael Kenwick
    Political Violence @ A Glance (December 16, 2016)
  2. “Why Erdogan Struggles to Control the Armed Forces, and Why the Turkish Coup Failed”
    Michael R. Kenwick
    The Monkey Cage (July 18, 2016)

Working Papers:

  1. Updating the Militarized Interstate Dispute Data: A Response to Gibler, Miller, and Little
    Glenn Palmer, Michael R. Kenwick, and Vito D’Orazio
    (Revise and Resubmit)  

  2. Self-Reinforcing Civilian Control
    Michael R. Kenwick
    (Revise and Resubmit)

  3. De Facto State Death
    Douglas Lemke and Michael R. Kenwick
    (Under Review)
  4. Rethinking the Link Between Civil-Military Relations and Interstate Conflict
    Michael R. Kenwick
    (Email for working paper)
  5. The Civil-Military Divide in Public Perceptions of Foreign Policy Decision-Making

    Michael R. Kenwick and Sarah Maxey

  6. Border Orientation in a Globalizing World: Concept and Measurement
    Beth A. Simmons and Michael R. Kenwick
    (Email for Working Paper)
  7. An Experimental Analysis of Crowdsourcing Designs for Social Science Data Collection
    Vito D’Orazio, Michael R. Kenwick, Matthew Kelly, Dennis Okeyre, Glenn PalmerDavid Reitter, and Zhanna Terechshenko
  8. A Robust Measurement Model of Human Rights Respect with Country-Year Count Processes
    Chris Fariss, Michael R. Kenwick, and Kevin Reuning